Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has emerged as a powerful change agent, with enterprises around the globe embracing it as a means to automate manual processes and create a bridge to a digital future. Enterprises in the services industry are now widely cognisant of the applicability of robotic process automation gains while being cost conscious. RPA’s ability to reduce processing time and errors, enhance scalability and compliance, and enable staff to focus on value-adding activities rather than repetitive tasks has been vindicated across industries and is now widely accepted.

Key characteristics for companies with significant RPA value potential:

  •     Data intensive
  •     Involve manual calculation
  •     Repetitive in nature
  •     High error rates
  •     Rule-driven
  •     Sensitive content
  •     Electronic trigger to the process
  •     Can be performed out of office hours
  •     Have electronic start-points and endpoints
  •     Complex IT landscape


  • Align automation program with enterprise goals & objectives, cost & compliance, to delivering better service to your customers.
  • Gaining firsthand knowledge via automation feasibility analysis & suggest right fit automation tool.
  • Identify opportunities for automation & build the automation book of work with a plan for early successes & maximum value.
  • Creation of RPA Centre of Excellence that will enable business-led management, training, governance, execution and sustain increased value.
  • Gain access to our state-of-the-art RPA Incubation lab, to try out the leading RPA tools available on our lab without the hassle to install them.
  • RNT implementation methodology adopts a transformational, process redesign approach to achieve maximum benefits from RPA, including project management, setting up support infrastructure, knowledge transition & managed services for BOT maintenance.
  • Include use of indigenous RPA toolkit to fast-track implementation, ensure minimum handoffs, function independent templates and real-time analytics for project health, success measures & benefits reporting.

To deliver cognitive automation, RNT compliments its cognitive capabilities with UiPath, the leader and star performer in RPA.

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Leverage the Power of Automation

  • Ease of deployment
  • Enterprise Speed and Agility


Managers can request onsite RPA workshops at their company or organization.

We offer hands-on onsite RPA Tool exposure, RPA usecase exploratory sessions to executive briefings on RPA value proposition that can help your company transform into an AI ready organization.