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Our core philosophy is rooted in our name. The fable of the Rabbit and the Tortoise, a story we all grew up with, inspires the very spirit of our company and continues to propel us to greater heights.

The timeless fable begins with a tortoise challenging a rabbit to a race. Unfazed by the challenge and knowing full well he would win, the overconfident Rabbit willingly accepted and the race began. Swiftly, the Rabbit shot ahead. Seeing that the Tortoise was nowhere to be found, the proud Rabbit rested under a tree and soon fell asleep while the wise Tortoise persevered and plodded on, soon overtaking the Rabbit and winning the race.

The Rabbit, who was thwarted fair and square, wasn’t one to give up. With a vengeance, he challenged the Tortoise to another race. This time, however, he sprinted straight to the finish line without dawdling until sweet victory.

Not backing down, the persevering Tortoise challenged the Rabbit to a final race. Knowing full well that he cannot compete with the hasty rabbit’s anatomical advantage, the tortoise used his wise-ness: he moved the finish line across a river bank. The race began with the rabbit gaining a massive lead but coming to a full-stop at the brink of the river bank. Defeat dawned on the rabbit after realizing he couldn’t swim, while the Tortoise carefully trundled along and swam to the opposite bank, thereby winning the race.

Constant rivalry had caused both adversaries to become good friends, and one afternoon, while the Rabbit was munching on his favorite berries, he came across an old friend, the Crow, who was wounded by a branch that fell on him. Quickly, the Rabbit sprung into action and searched for healing leaves. Realizing that the leaves were on the other side of the river bank, the Rabbit called on his friend, the Tortoise, to go fetch them. The Tortoise effortlessly swam on the other side of the river bank and fetched the leaves, and the Rabbit hastily ran to the Crow to treat his wound. The Crow instantly felt at ease and was happy to know that the two adversaries collaborated to help him.

The lessons of this timeless story rings true. It is good to be individually brilliant, but by harnessing each other’s core competencies, fast and reliable solutions may be achieved. With situational leadership at the foundation of our company culture, we take advantage of each person’s core competency, allowing each to step up and take the wheel the moment the tides change. Our wise versatility and quick-footed adaptability spring from our individual differences.

We, at Rabbit and Tortoise Technology Solutions, believe and promote the culture of ‘Two-In-A-Box’ just as the saying goes that ‘One is None and TWO is ONE’. Through strategic collaboration, we can provide solutions that satisfy the speed and quality expectations of the modern market. None of us is as smart as all of us. This is our competitive edge and the rationale behind our purpose - the value that fuels us to take on insurmountable challenges and the drive that turns the impossible possible.

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