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Digitization, Sprinkler Designing, Reporting

How Digitization and Web Development Transformed the Risk Solutions Team's Sprinkler Designing and Reporting Process


To improve productivity and reimagine the team’s experience, the risk solutions team wanted to build an upgraded web version of their outdated applications to assess a multitude of Fire Sprinkler Designs and conduct comprehensive water supply analysis reports.

The teams partnered to implement a web solution that will generate multiple reports with minimal inputs and accurate results.

No longer dependent on manual processes and reconciliation, the risk solutions team can now rapidly build custom reports using the web application to deliver projects at speed.

Unlocking Efficiency Through Digital Transformation
The Fire Sprinkler Designs guidelines in the NFPA documentation are categorized based on the type of occupancies and storages. The designs that can be implemented are numerous and vary from storage to storage. The team of consultants and specialists needs to evaluate numerous Fire Sprinkler Designs to identify the most pertinent design to meet specific requirements. Furthermore, the team is tasked with conducting Water Supply Analysis, which involves the generation of Hydraulic Graphs and Adequacy Performance Estimations. This process is hindered using outdated applications, further complicating the process. Ultimately, the team must consolidate all these components into a comprehensive report, detailing the sprinkler design and water supply analysis. With the NFPA guidelines getting updated every 3 years, the process becomes even more complex with the new changes.
To address these challenges, the company has embarked on a collaborative partnership with RNT to create a digitized web application solution. This innovative solution leverages cutting-edge technologies, where the primary objective is to elevate the user experience, optimize report generation procedures, and establish a centralized database where Specialists can seamlessly update NFPA guideline details in line with the latest compliance changes.
Digital, Customized, Fire Sprinkler Designing & Reporting
The teams collaborated to craft an exceptional user experience design with a resilient backend, capable of handling complex Sprinkler Design assessments and conducting water supply analysis for different occupancies and storages as per the NFPA guidelines for different policies. Leveraging the power of database, the team established a centralized data centre, enabling Specialists to seamlessly maintain compliance changes in line with updates to the NFPA guidelines through the web application.
Key features of the solution
Role-based Access Management

The application empowers Specialists to finely control user access levels. Consultants, are restricted from modifying NFPA guidelines details to bolster operational security, ensuring that only authorized users can make updates.

Fire Sprinkler Designing

The application empowers users to create multiple Fire Sprinkler Design reports, tailored to specific storage types and NFPA standards. By analysing storage and area specifications outlined in the NFPA guidelines, the application generates a range of potential designs. Users can then choose one or more designs for in-depth analysis. Furthermore, users have the flexibility to make further adjustments to these reports if needed ensuring support until the reports are finalized.

Water Supply Analysis

The Risk Consultants and Specialists can conduct a comprehensive Water Supply Analysis within the application. This analysis involves gathering crucial inputs, such as Sprinkler Information and Water Supply Details, to generate essential Hydraulic and Demand Graphs. These graphs serve as the foundation for conducting precise Adequacy Estimations, tailored to the specific Sprinkler designs chosen. This intuitive process empowers users to make informed decisions regarding the selection of sprinkler types, ensuring the optimal choice for their design needs.

Custom-Built Executive Modules

The digitized user interface incorporates custom-built executive modules. These modules assist Risk Specialists in seamlessly updating standard values as per the compliance changes in the NFPA Documentation.

Business Impact
Deploying the web application has enabled the Risk Solutions team to seamlessly create multiple reports for multiple policies, which are generated with high accuracy and efficiency.
Building the web application has lead to accuracy and efficiency of 90% along with zero process errors.
The Risk Solutions team saves upto 3200 hours per year between 70-80 users
More then 70% reduction in AHT for each report
The Risk Solution Specialist can amend the designing guidelines as per the compliance changes in the NFPA Documentation.

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