Build a factory model for software development by automating processes and integrating tools


Dev-Sec-Ops is a paradigm shift that enhances the way Dev, Sec and Ops teams are working today to achieve an organization’s business goals. Dev-Sec-Ops is embraced by organizations to accelerate software development and improve software quality. We have capability in building continuous integration, continuous delivery, and test automation solutions for specific business requirements.


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Continuous Integration

Bringing Agility into Development

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Environment Management

Creating and managing multiple environments

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Test Automation

Automating Functional Testing

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Continuous Delivery

Dev-Sec-Ops ultimate goal

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Service Virtualization

Faster Development with multiple teams

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Centralize Visibility & Control

Incorporates security into every step

We have good experience in executing Dev-Sec-Ops projects, with Agile philosophy and expertise in selecting the right tools and integrating them to achieve high efficiency applications.

Our Dev-Sec-Ops services progress gradually based on the current practices at our client locations. Example: Maturing From Nightly Builds → Build On Each Commit → Code Coverage and Static Analysis. This approach increases business agility. Our Dev-Sec-Ops service offerings focus on significantly reducing costs and delays.

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